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Elimination Ltd

Japanese Knotweed

Each survey is different and requires a bespoke plan that allows Japanese Knotweed Elimination Ltd to provide a truly cost effective strategy to control and eradicate Japanese Knotweed to suit any budget.


Japanese Knotweed Elimination Ltd is a company specialising in professional advice and effective solutions for property and land owners affected by Japanese knotweed.


Services offered by Japanese Knotweed Elimination Ltd include:


  • Identification of Japanese knotweed

  • Initial survey report

  • Management & control plan

  • Implementation of management & control plan

  • Treatment certificate

  • Site monitoring

  • Liaison with adjacent land owners for coordinated treatment


Our specialist surveyors will carry out a full site survey at your property in order to assess the implications the Japanese Knotweed has on both yours and the surrounding properties.


Our surveyors will then produce a report which includes your treatment options, the different methods we use, COSHH (Health Risk Assessment), a cost breakdown, photographs and a marked drawing. We will put together a management plan which will satisfy the criteria stated by the mortgage lender in question.


Japanese Knotweed Elimination Ltd work closely with the Council of Mortgage lenders to provide a practical hassle free specialist package to make selling or buying a property with a Japanese Knotweed easier for all parties concerned.


The survey also helps to establish a complete understanding of the responsibility to manage and prevent further cross contamination and to fully appreciate the actions that are needed to ensure successful treatment.



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