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Japanese Knotweed

Often the most cost effective Japanese knotweed treatment and control method is a Direct Injection and/or Knapsack Sprayer Herbicide Treatment Programme. This method involves methodical and carefully managed visits where the correct use of chemical over a sustained period of time will exhaust the plant and prevent the spread of knotweed which in turn will remove the risk of damage being caused to the property during the treatment period.


This method is designed to cause maximum damage to the plant and achieve effective control in a short period of time. Suitable herbicides applied correctly can damage the knotweed crown and rhizome significantly enough to eventually prevent stem re-growth.


We are also able to use excavation techniques to quickly and effectively remove the Japanese knotweed from site in one process, known as Dig 'n' Dump. Japanese knotweed removal and excavation occurs when there is normally not enough time to treat it with a systemic herbicide. Under these circumstances, removal and excavation is the ideal solution. Once the site has been excavated, it can be issued with a certificate confirming the site to be clear of Japanese knotweed.


We are able to provide the treated site/property a Company Guarantee. Our Guarantee is available for periods of 3 to 25 years, with the duration being chosen by the customer in relation to their or a third parties requirements (i.e. a lender requiring 25 Years to cover a full mortgage term). We can also provide Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG) over the same period if required by a lender.


Japanese Knotweed Elimination Ltd will provide a formal Guarantee Certificate, valid for a period up to 25 years once all treatments works are complete.


During the Guarantee period we will undertake periodic inspections of the property/site to monitor for any continuance or recurrence of Japanese knotweed.

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